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Six Pulse D.C. Drive

We have with us a range of six pulse D.C. drives that are manufactured using the best grade components. These are suitable for linear tension control and for constant current tension applications. Incorporated with advanced features, our range is known for its high performance, durability and user friendly operations. In addition, we are also capable to provide these in customized specifications to the clients.
  • Six Thyristors in bridge configuration
  • Range : 3 HP to 200 HP (Three Phase)
  • Any Analog reference signal field selectable i.e. 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC ,0-5 VDC , 0-20 mA , 2K to 100K Pot.(Manual speed setting)
  • Armature voltage . Taco meter feed back field selectable
  • Any Tacho meter (AC / DC ) of any voltage field selectable
  • Tacho meter polarity insensitive
  • Incase of Tacho failure Drive will automatically transfer to armature feed back
  • Only visual indication of "Tacho loss" will glow
  • Digital firing for , Input phase current balancing
  • Input phase sequence insensitive
  • SPP, UV,OV, CT adjustable, Current trip relay output
  • Linear Tension control ( un winder / winder application)
  • For Constant Current (Taper Tension) / Constant Tension application
  • Maximum Speed , Current limit, Acceleration adjustable
  • Indication: Run / Stop, Field fail, Current limit Tacho loss, SPP, UV, OV, CT
  • Inbuilt Snubber protection for high dv / dt protection